Contract Review Tools

These tools and resources are useful guides in helping policyholders to identify potentially problematic contract provisions. Risk mitigation and allocation techniques are also suggested.

Online Contract Review Guide

Use the newest contract review resource, our online contract review guide. This is a useful resource for insureds and brokers as they review and negotiate professional services agreements.

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Schinnerer's Expanded Contract Guide for Complex Projects

This publication is our response to the unique needs surrounding the services agreements for complex projects. We used our highly acclaimed Managing Risk Through Contract Languageas a starting platform, expanding the content and adding sections that address specific risks of larger design firms and the more complex projects they often encounter. Individual portions can be used effectively as a resource for any type of project contract, and are particularly valuable on emerging issues like BIM, IPD, and sustainable design.

Download the entire book or download individual sections:

Terms and Conditions Review Guide

Provides a comparison of acceptable language to assist in reviewing contract language.

Tips for Reviewing a Contract

Both parties must have a full appreciation of the issues involved in the negotiation process, their interrelationships, and relative importance to the end result—the project. This guide includes a five-step process for general review of a contract and a contract review checklist.

Managing Risk Through Contract Language

Helps policyholders understand legal and practice management concerns to develop and negotiate professional services agreements.

Download the entire book or download individual sections:

Streaming Webinar

You can also stream our VEP webinar, module 2-1, Contracts for Professional Services.

Reviewing a Contract

You can read one of our most popular tools for contract review called Reviewing a Contract to give you a brief overview of what to look for in examining a contract.

For additional help with contract review, please see our Management Advisory library.

For discipline-specific contract review tools and publications, please see the following:

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