Practice Management

Concepts in Risk Management - Concepts in Risk Management discusses ways to manage and avoid the risks encountered throughout the life of a project.

This publication also includes our Project Risk Management Matrix, and the Terms and Conditions Review Guide, a collection of 11 problematic contract provisions and suggestions for negotiating balanced contract terms.

Risk Management Matrix

The Risk Management Matrix allows policyholders to calculate possible risk exposures for each project considered. Policyholders can download either the PDF and fill it out by hand or download the Excel version and enter information electronically.

White Paper Series

Our white paper series now features 8 distinct papers, offering in-depth analysis of critical issues affecting the design and construction industry.

Seven Steps to Negotiation Success - The last installment of our Acquiring the Competitive Edge series, learn about seven key techniques of negotiation and how to develop and improve business relationships through negotiation. 

Managing the Risks of Employment Practices - The third installment in our ACE series describes actual design firm employment scenarios and discusses how firms should approach these scenarios. It also covers how employment laws can affect management decisions.

Start-up Risk Kit for Small Firms - Features a collection of our risk management resources of value to our small firm insureds.

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