Seven Reasons to Choose Victor

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1. Commitment to the Industry     
  • Victor has provided coverage and industry solutions since 1957.
  • Commended program of NSPE and an exclusive partnership with the AIA Trust.
  • Specialized claims handling built on 60 years of partnerships.
2. Largest AE Team in the U.S.      
  • Between our underwriting staff and CNA’s claims team, we provide more staff resources than any other A&E program (per ACEC 2017 PL Survey).
  • More than 21 professionals dedicated to serving our policyholders, responding to their claims, and educating their staff.
  • No carrier matches CNA for presence with numerous claims offices throughout the country.
3. Protecting Your Reputation
  • No hammer clause means the limits you buy are there to defend you. Other carriers will restrict the limits they provide after a settlement is offered, we don’t.
  • Crisis management expense coverage means we share expenses to retain a public relations firm.
  • Customized claims approach where CNA adjusters will ask questions about your firm’s critical business needs before formulating a defense strategy.
4. Cutting-Edge Coverage      
  • Rectification coverage helps firms to take the lead on design-build projects.
  • SEC municipal advisor supplementary coverage addresses the risk posed by new legislation.
  • Expanded pollution coverage that covers pollution from the project location, during transportation, at the disposal facility, or at your own site.
  • Automatic extended reporting periods (ERPs) for sole proprietors who through their death or disability cease to practice. Past work is covered under an automatic ERP at no charge.
  • 10 Year extended reporting period for long-time insureds to better link the statutes of limitation and repose in your state to your need for a one-time payment option.
5. Broad Definition of Wrongful Act      
  • Policy doesn’t require allegation of negligence to trigger coverage. When practicing overseas, the negligence standard may not apply. Our policy can still respond when others won’t.
  • Coverage for services performed under a joint venture is included on a blanket basis.
6. School of Risk Management
  • On-demand continuing education platform saves firms up to $1,950 per licensed employee in CE expenses, and potentially up to 12% in premium savings on their policy (for eligible firms).
  • Turnkey risk management training embeds risk management culture in all employees.
  • Vast library of advisories, claims studies, white papers, and in-depth risk management guides.
7. Design Industry Risk Management Summit
  • Annual meeting of defense counsel and large firm leadership from across the country.
  • Discussions of current defense strategies and cutting-edge trends for the A&E profession.
  • Review emerging issues in other states before they become an issue in your home state.
  • Connect with colleagues to work on new strategies for improving your practice.

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