7 Coverage Differentiators

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Cyber crime


Victor will pay for your loss of funds resulting directly from a fraudulent electronic instruction directing a financial institution to transfer, pay or deliver funds from your account.

Victor will pay for your loss of funds resulting directly from funds being transferred, paid or delivered from your account as the direct result of an intentional misleading of your employee through a misrepresentation.

Telephone toll fraud


Victor will pay for your loss of funds resulting directly from charges you incur for voice telephone long-distance toll calls which were incurred due to the fraudulent use or manipulation of an account code or system password required to obtain access to your voice computer system that is used for the direction or routing of telephone calls in your voice communications network. Subject to coverage conditions in the policy.

Early forensic investigation


Victor will provide forensic services to determine the cause and scope of a data breach. Coverage can be triggered for a suspected and/or actual data breach event.

Regulatory defense


Victor will defend you for any suit, civil investigation or civil proceeding by or on behalf of a government agency, commenced by a service of a complaint or similar pleading against you and alleging the violation of any privacy regulations that is a result of a data breach. Privacy regulations are federal, state, local, or foreign laws, statutes and regulations associated with the control and use of personally identifiable financial, medical or other sensitive information.

Regulatory fines and penalties


Victor will pay civil monetary fines or penalties imposed by a federal, state, local or foreign governmental entity where available by law.

Voluntary notification  


Victor will pay for all reasonable and necessary expenses when you voluntarily notify individuals and/or entities whose personal information may have been exposed.

Data breach team


Victor provides access to a data breach coach who will assist in providing legal advice, computer forensics, notification expenses, call center assistance, public relations, crisis communications, fraud consultation, credit monitoring, and identity restoration.

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