Broker FAQs

Operational FAQs

How do I get a quote from Victor?
Using Victor’s online broker portal, V2, you can receive a bindable cyber quote in minutes by answering just a few basic questions about your client.

Who should I contact if I have questions during the underwriting process?
Direct all underwriting questions to Mark Schulz at (301) 951-5411 or

How do I bind coverage and when will I receive a policy?
Your quote will include a prefilled New Business Application that is fully bindable upon receipt of the signed application. Requests to order coverage should be sent to You will receive a binder within 24 hours and a policy within five business days of satisfying any requested conditional items.

How do I pay?
Policies are agency billed and payment should be remitted to:
Victor Insurance Managers Inc.
14288 Collections Center Drive
Chicago, IL 60693

How do I report a claim?
To report a claim call (844) 739-7754 or (800) 817-2665 after hours or email

Coverage FAQs

Do you cover digital crime claims?
The coverage bundle referred to as "Digital Crime" will cover social engineering claims. Cyber extortion, fraudulent transfer (social engineering), telephone toll fraud, and electronic funds transfer fraud are all included.

How does your form compare to the market?
Our simplified cyber solution is very competitive and the cyber crime endorsement represents an innovative coverage suite.

What limits are available using the online broker portal?
Limits up to $100,000 are available for the cyber crime endorsement, $250,000 for regulatory and PCI coverage and up to $2 million for other coverages. Higher limits up to $5 million are also available with additional information.

How much of the business will qualify for your online broker portal?
The majority of applications will receive a quote using the broker portal, V2. If additional information is required, we will notify you within 24 hours of receipt of the submission.

How does the Breach Response Team and the claims notice interact?
When an insured calls the Breach Response Team, both Victor and the carrier are alerted to the potential data security breach. The Breach Response Team will assist the insured to determine the best course of action and which experts to activate. Written notice of a claim is still required.

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