Cyber Breach Response Team

Help from Onset to Conclusion

Responding to a cyber event and navigating federal, state and international laws, as well as any contractual obligations, governing notification requirements and remediation can be complex and time consuming for an organization.

The Cyber Breach Response Team associated with the Victor Cyber Protection Package provides expert legal services and technical support designed to assist policyholders who have identified a data security breach. The Team works closely with a policyholder’s management team, in-house and outside cyber-security experts, law enforcement and government regulators o accomplish compliant and timely public reporting as required. The Team is well-equipped to defend litigation, including national consumer class action litigation.

Expert Guidance

In the event of a security breach, a breach coach privacy attorney will be assigned to the case and promptly respond to and investigate any suspected or actual event. 

Cyber Policyholder Services

  • Work closely with policyholders and, when necessary, forensic and crisis management consultants to identify the cause of the breach, determine its scope, and formulate the appropriate response to the incident.
  • Position communications to be protected by the attorney-client and work product privileges in order to minimize the amount of information that must be made available to third parties in the event regulatory action or litigation ensues.
  • Coordinate with law enforcement where appropriate. 
  • Formulate compliant notification letters to affected individuals and implicated regulatory bodies. 
  • Identify and retain, where appropriate, credit/identity monitoring and restoration services to be offered to affected populations. 
  • Arrange for the appropriate call centers and FAQs to respond to inquiries. 
  • Develop and manage appropriate responses to post-notice inquiries received from affected individuals and regulators.
  • Defend policyholders during formal regulatory and payment card industry investigations and enforcement actions, and in the event of class action or other litigation.

Underwriting Contact

Mark Schulz
(240) 515-0180

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