Cyber Highlights

Availability: Admitted in most states and D.C.*
Target risk: Small to mid-size organizations that utilize electronic systems
Limit: Up to $10 million
Coverage: Admitted, with an A++ rated carrier
Victor acts as primary if cyber sublimit is obtained on additional policies

*State filings are pending in FL and WA.

Simple Application

Our Cyber underwriters have access to a proprietary assessment tool that allows us to dramatically simplify the application process. Most businesses can receive a quote by answering only a few questions.

Designed for small to mid-size businesses, but scalable for large organizations:

  • Broad coverage to avoid unintended claim denials
  • Minimal exclusions relative to other forms

Breach Response Team:

The cyber breach response team associated with our Cyber policy provides expert legal services and technical support designed to assist policyholders who have identified a data security breach.

  • Breach response capabilities including forensics, legal advice, etc.
  • Risk management tools that decrease your exposure as well as provide industry-specific guidance 

Coverage Bundles & Optional Endorsements

Digital Crime:

First-of-its-kind bundle of coverages to protect your company from various types of digital crime including:

  • Electronic transfer of funds
  • Telephone toll fraud
  • Cyber extortion (including threats affecting third-party)
  • Deceptive transfer

Breach Liability:

Broad liability coverage for any suits or demands related to cyber that result in a loss to your company including:

  • Privacy liability
  • Website media liability
  • Regulatory
  • Payment card industry (PCI)

Breach Rectification:

Coverage designed to get your business back on track as quickly as possible all while protecting your company’s brand and reputation. The coverage suite includes:

  • Data breach team
  • Business interruption (including shared system)
  • Digital asset loss (including hardware replacement)
  • Breach response indemnitee (including the insured and their customers)

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Underwriting Contact

Mark Schulz
(240) 515-0180

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