Victor Response - Mobile App

As an integral part of our cyber policy, our mobile app, Victor Response, provides policyholders with exclusive access to a range of proactive cybersecurity tools and services.

Download the Victor Response app via the App Store or Google Play.

Victor Response provides policyholders with:

  • Expert Cybersecurity Advice
    The "Ask the Expert" section of Victor Response allows users to get in touch with a specialist team for help with cyber risk mitigation, best practices, cybersecurity services on offer, data privacy regulations, and more.

  • Real Time Threat Alerts
    Through continuous monitoring of Victor policyholders' cyberthreats and analysis of the latest cyber claims, our team is able to spot problems fast. Through Victor Response, policyholders receive critical alerts specific to their business along with guidance on how to rectify any issues. 

  • Instant Claims Notification
    Suffering an incident? Victor Response allows policyholders to instantly notify a cyber incident specialist of an issue - and receive a response within 30 minutes. 

  • Access to World-Class Risk Management Tools
    - Phishing training: this training targets company employees whose credentials are the most vulnerable. We provide Victor policyholders with simulations of real life cyberthreats using mock phishing emails. 

    - Dark web monitoring: this tool scours the dark web for information related to a Victor policyholder's business, including corporate login credentials and other breaches of sensitive data relating to their domain name.

    - Deep scanning: this service actively scans a Victor policyholder's external client network footprint. This scan helps to identify the correlated vulnerabilities of claims that lead to cyberattacks and ransomware. 

View our demo for guidance on how to navigate through the app and utilize its tools and services.

Any questions regarding the app? Download our FAQs or speak to your Regional Marketing Contact

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