Website Media Liability

Website media liability provides coverage for infringement of copyright or trademark, invasion of privacy, libel, slander, plagiarism or negligence arising out of the content on the organization’s website.

Claim example

A non-profit organization hired a freelance graphic designer to create a series of new logos for a number of fundraising events planned later that year. The graphic designer created more than a dozen options to choose from and the marketing manager at the non-profit decided on four. They then uploaded the logos to their website and used them to promote the fundraising events on social media.

A few days after the first fundraising event, the executive director of the association received a cease and desist order from a law firm representing a local company. The company claimed the logos used by the non-profit were identical to their own trademarked logos. 

How does the Victor policy respond?

Internet Media Liability is an optional coverage offered as part of the Victor Cyber Protection Package.

If the non-profit organization had an Internet Media Liability policy in place when they received the cease and desist order, the policy would cover their legal costs in excess of the retention.

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