Employee Outrage

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The Facts

A U.S.-based manufacturing firm became the target of threats from a former employee. Over a period of three months, the firm received several e-mails containing expletives and anti-semitic language. The first two e-mails were not directed at a specific individual, however the third e-mail contained threats to physically and sexually assault a specific manager and “take down”  the company.1

The firm did not contact the crisis response firm associated with the policy regarding these e-mails. Two weeks after the third e-mail was sent, the individual who sent them arrived at the firm with firearms and a vest he claimed was wired with explosives. He barricaded himself with four employees for eight hours before he was captured.2 


The Results

The employees held hostage were released with minor injuries. The policy provided coverage in response to the incident including:

  • Consultants from the crisis response firm debriefed the victims, family and firm with respects to the incident
  • Counseling for the employees who were held hostage
  • Salary for the impacted employees and temporary replacement workers while they took time off in the wake of the incident
  • Rest and rehabilitation costs for a vacation taken by impacted employees and their families
  • Travel costs for management to travel from headquarters to the specific location impacted
  • Loss of earnings coverage for business interruption as a result of the event
  • Legal advice to the firm

Risk Factors & Policy Benefits

Risk Factor #1

Early response is key. When an event occurs or is suspected to have occurred, the insured should immediately contact the crisis response firm for advice and assistance in preventing an incident from escalating.

Policy Benefit #1

Victor policies that include a Threat Response Expense Endorsement provide coverage for threat assessment and temporary security measures in response to a threat against the insured or to injure, abduct or kill an insured person, damage insured property, or reveal confidential or proprietary information.

Policy Benefit #2

Detention Coverage provided by the policy provides coverage when insured persons are held under duress for a time period in excess of that outlined in the policy.

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