The Boy Who Cried Wolf

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When you're a Victor Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion (KRE) policyholder you get exclusive access to the expert services of a leading international crisis management consulting firm. The following illustrates how a crisis response firm can help in a threat response situation.

The Facts 

A community college located in the suburbs of Richmond wished to expel a student after he made death threats to members of the staff when he was suspended for a misdemeanor.1

The college’s legal firm contacted the crisis response firm associated with their KRE policy to work with their workplace violence team and develop a risk assessment and mitigation plan. The firm discovered that the student had a criminal record for violence and posed a credible treat. They helped the college set up a security management team and assisted in developing a strategy for minimizing the risks in the expulsion process.

The firm coached the vice principal through the expulsion process. This was conducted over the phone and after a two man surveillance team had established the whereabouts of the student. The surveillance team was prepared to trigger a police department response in the event that the student approached the legal trespass zone around the college. The crisis response firm also provided protection for the vice principal, sending two security agents to the campus.2


The Result

After a period of time the crisis response firm was able to advise the college that the threat had diminished to the extent that it was appropriate to revert to support from the local police department. The $30,000 in fees charged by the crisis response firm and costs of temporary security measures implemented at crisis response firm’s recommendation were paid for by the KRE policy.

Policy Benefits

Policy Benefit #1

A sublimit is available to respond to threats made that do not have associated ransom demand. This includes threats to harm or abduct insured persons, damage insured property or reveal confidential information.

Policy Benefit #2

In addition to covering advice and temporary security measures in response to such threats, this course of action allows an insured to show that they took steps in response to such an incident beyond notifying the police. This helps to prevent lawsuits and protect their reputation.

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