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Beware of the One-Two Punch Expected in the Fair Housing Law Arena
The combination of a recent unfavorable Supreme Court decision along with dramatically increased federal funding for fair housing enforcement could spell bad news.

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  • Understand the Regulations and Risks of Drones
    Unmanned aerial systems (more commonly known as drones) soon may be an integral part of the real estate profession. In fact, in some situations they are being used now through test exemptions from the U.S.
  • The Fair Housing Act—Surprise, You’re Liable
    Real estate agents around the country have been sued for advertising homes and condominiums as being in age-restricted communities, when in fact the particular community does not meet the Fair Housing Act exemption for housing for older persons.
  • Fifteen Steps To Stay Out of Court
    These recommendations are best practices that real estate agents can integrate in their daily activities. 
  • Changes in Florida's Escrow Reporting Requirements
    Recent amendments impose new burdens on real estate brokers and agents to report on the status of escrow deposits in transactions in which they are involved and stiffen penalties for mortgage fraud.
  • Distressed Property
    Discusses expanded liability under a new "distressed property" laws in Washington.
  • Understanding Starker Exchanges
    It fills you in on IRS Section 1031 exchanges that offer win-win opportunities for agents and their clients.
  • Acquiring Companies
    Provides tips for mitigating risk during a merger.
  • An Agent's Checklist for a Successful Acreage Transaction
    Agents involved in acreage transactions should know the areas of concern and be able to direct their clients (buying or selling) to the appropriate experts. Issues from land usage to environmental concerns are addressed in this article.
  • Invalid Power of Attorney
    Seller's broker not liable for failure to discover and disclose to buyer that seller had invalid power of attorney.
  • Megan's Law
    The implications of Megan's Law for real estate practitioners.
  • The New Residential Purchase Agreement
    The California Association of Realtors recently released its revised residential purchase agreement. 

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Understanding Why You Need Insurance

  • Mortgage Brokers Beware
    Explains why mortgage brokers need insurance and the steps to take to mitigate their risks.  

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