Contingency Planning

Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion insurance can be extended to provide assistance with security evacuation and reimbursement for costs afterwards.  Insurance is an important component of contingency planning for such situations, and can offer expert assistance in a crisis as well as compensation for insured losses.  In addition, in order to best address a situation where an evacuation may be required, planning ahead of time can make all the difference.

Companies operating in, or traveling to, countries with a volatile security profile and increased exposure should develop a security contingency plan they can implement in the event of an incident.  In creating such a contingency plan, below are some key questions for a company to ask itself:

  • Do you have contact information for, and an ongoing relationship with, a crisis response firm that can assist with arranging evacuations, and that can be contacted for advice on if/when an evacuation is called for?
  • Do you have a rendezvous point for expatriate employees and families being evacuated to meet as well as back up rendezvous point?
  • Methods of tracking down persons to be evacuated – how can you contact them?  Do you have cell numbers of all employees to be evacuated and do employees have a number for an emergency help line?  Do you have alternative methods of contacting and being contacted by employees? In emergency situations cell lines can be overloaded, but often alternative methods will continue to work such as email or text message.
  • When evacuating expatriate employees, may there also be dependents of these employees who are not expatriates such as local national spouses/children?   For countries with a security evacuation risk, expatriate employees should be aware that the papers for such local national dependents should be kept up to date and available so that they are able to be evacuated from the country if the event arises
  • In certain situations it may be safer to “shelter in place.” Do you have the plans for this?  Where would people shelter and do you have survival packs available (food, batteries, water, etc.)?

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