Cyber Security Protection Solution

While there’s no one way to achieve absolute security for your client’s data, the key is having measures in place to protect their data, detect threats, respond to attacks, and recover from them.

Schinnerer, Microsoft and Spanning by Dell EMC joined forces to provide a comprehensive cyber security solution designed to help your clients safeguard their business and data with a suite of risk management and data protection solutions including the Schinnerer Cyber Protection Package, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Spanning Backup for Office 365

Cyber Security Protection Solution New

Schinnerer Cyber Protection Package Insurance

Schinnerer provides response and recovery assistance to small and mid-size businesses following a cyber incident.

Coverage bundles & Optional endorsements

  • Digital Crime: Electronic transfer of funds, Telephone toll fraud, Cyber extortion, Deceptive transfer
  • Breach Liability: Privacy liability, Website media liability, Regulatory, Payment card industry (PCI)
  • Breach Rectification: Data breach team, Business interruption, Digital asset loss

Breach Response Team

The cyber breach response team provides expert legal services, technical support and resources to assist with notifications, recovery and restoration efforts to policyholders who have identified a data security breach.

Simple Application

Schinnerer has a proprietary assessment tool that allows us to dramatically simplify the application process. Most businesses can receive a quote by answering only a few questions. 

Keep your data safe

In addition to the financial protection policyholders receive with the Schinnerer Cyber Protection Package, the first line of defense is to ensure their company data and software is protected with modern technology. 

Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

  • Enterprise-grade protection and business continuity with 24/7 technical phone support
  • Continuous backup of files in globally distributed data centers 
  • Multi-factor authentication secures information across file servers, email and collaboration platforms with document tracking and encryption 

Spanning Backup for Office 365

  • Daily, automated backups of all the data stored in Office 365
  • Quickly locate and restore data from any point in time
  • Detailed status history and records of all user and admin actions 

Extra Incentive for your client

  • Clients that purchase Microsoft Office 365 and/or Spanning may be eligible for a Schinnerer Cyber Protection Package insurance policy credit.
  • Policyholders that purchase the Schinnerer Cyber Protection Package and migrate to the cloud with the combined service offering may be eligible for a bundled discount from Microsoft and Spanning.

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