Real Estate Cyber Risk Kit

Cyber insurance is a valuable risk management solution that addresses the emerging coverage gaps in traditional professional liability policies due to the increasing reliance on technology and use of data in daily business.

Assess Your Risk

From attacks that disable a company's website, to a disgruntled employee destroying critical documents, to a criminal tricking an employee into paying false invoices, to email hacks that lead to deceptive fund transfers—your firm is at risk.

Questions to consider:

  • What information do you collect?
  • How do you store the information?
  • Who has access to the information?
  • How do you protect your data?
  • What steps are you taking to secure your computers, network, email and other tools?

Take it seriously. Your firm is at risk.

Cyber Protection Package

Developed with your needs in mind, our Cyber Protection Package offers a sophisticated cyber insurance solution that is customizable for small and mid-size companies, yet scalable to meet the needs of larger organizations.

Understanding Your Risk

Cyber Infographic
Typical Day in the Life of a Real Estate Agent


Cyber Protection Package video


    Not sure which cyber solution works best for your firm? Discover more by review the Cyber Protection Package vs Real Estate E&O comparison chart.

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    Risk Management


      • Under Threat, PE Magazine
      • On September 29th, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published a 35-page draft cybersecurity self-assessment tool called The Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence Builder.  It provides an assessment of an organization's security maturity level

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