Policy Enhancements Carried Over to 2020 Policy

For more than 60 years, the Victor and CNA professional liability program has maintained a solid and stable base policy while introducing innovative expansions of coverage. As the design and construction industry has evolved, so has our policy. 

Victor and CNA recently released the 2020 version of the Architects & Engineers Professional Liability and Pollution Incident Liability Insurance Policy. In addition to broadening the coverage and building in new options to allow firms to craft coverage to meet their evolving needs, the new edition incorporates the important coverage enhancements first introduced in the 2014 edition. 

Coverage improvements made in 2014 proved to provide significant advantages for policyholders and were retained and clarified in the 2020 policy version.

The CNA policy advantages from 2014 that were carried over into the 2020 policy include:

Even with the best employees and the best risk management practices in place, mistakes can happen. Firms performing professional services for clients under contract be sued by multiple parties. Grounded or not, any claim has the potential to take time and money to defend. A Victor and CNA professional liability or errors & omissions insurance policy is an important risk management tool firms employ to protect their practices. When choosing your professional liability insurance partner, it is important to have stability, claims expertise, and experience on your side.

At Victor and CNA, we strive to be active partners in helping to grow your professional practice, and the design and construction industry as a whole. Our mission is to consistently create superior products and to provide outstanding service and exceptional value to each and every policyholder. Our goal is to be recognized as an elite specialty insurance provider and distributor and grow through valued service, innovation, and expertise.

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