Cyber Warranty

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A Cyber Warranty is your opportunity to financially stand behind your professional services. It is offered as part of a professional services contract between you and your client.

Cyber Warranty insurance covers your cost to remediate and update a client’s system following an external data breach involving services performed by you.


  • Covers service costs associated with the remediation and system update following an external data breach caused directly or indirectly by your services
  • Coverage takes affect once you begin work delineated in service contract
  • Triggered by an external reportable data breach
  • Covers entire scope of your work for a single project contract


Understanding Cyber Warranty

Schinnerer Launches Cyber Warranty for Technology Solution Providers

Schinnerer, in collaboration with Guidewire Software announced the availability of a new, comprehensive Cyber Warranty offering for technology solution providers.

Cyber Insurance Comparison

Discover the difference between Cyber insurance, E&O and Cyber Warranty

Solution Provider Next Steps

You are eligible for the Cyber Warranty program. Now what?

Solution Provider FAQs

What does the Cyber Warranty cover? What is a reportable data breach? What triggers the Cyber Warranty coverage?

What is Cyber Warranty?

Cyber Warranty covers cost to remediate and update your client’s system in the event your services are the cause of a data breach.

Life Cycle of the Warranty

Step by step understanding of how a Cyber Warranty policy can protect you and your clients.

End Client FAQ

We will create a co-branded FAQ document to share with your clients

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