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Professional Liability Policy Forms 

  • The NEW 2020 policy form is subject to state filing procedures. 
  • The 2014 policy form is subject to state filing procedures.
  • The 2005 policy form is subject to state filing procedures. 
  • Most states and territories (except NY,VT, and SD): A Risk Mitigation Credit is offered to eligible policyholders of this new insuring agreement and provides the option of receiving a deductible credit of up to $25,000 if certain best practices are implemented
  • New York licensed professionals such as architects, engineers, land surveyors and landscape architects use the 2015 NY Free Trade Zone Insuring Agreement beginning with policies effective on or after June 1, 2019
  • New York non-licensed professionals: Such as Environmental Consultants and Specialty Construction Consultants, will continue to be written using our 1999 NY Insuring Agreement until further notice
  • Vermont: The 1999 Insuring Agreement is used in these and any other states not yet approving the 2005 agreement. (Except for NY and SD) 
  • South Dakota: Insuring Agreement
  • 1999 vs. 2005 A&E policy form comparison

Property/Casualty Policy Forms

The P/C program provides coverage on ISO Form. Special nationwide and State endorsements include:

All Other Policy Forms

Project Specific Coverage

Network Protection for Design Professionals 

Underwriting Contacts

Small firms

Vanessa Cole
(301) 951-5455

Mid-size firms

Debra McKibben
(301) 951-5425

Large firms

Duane Repko
(301) 961-9815

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