Claims Scenarios

Examples of claims scenarios based on real world problems

Premises Legal Damages
On trip to South Africa, a U.S. engineering executive accidentally allows the bathtub in a rented corporate apartment to overflow, causing water damage to the apartment and to several floors below. The premises liability claim results in substantial legal damages not covered by the employer's U.S. GL policy, which provides loss due to fire. International P&C insurance would cover this incident.

Voluntary Compensation
A U.S. firm hires a Mexican national to assist with a South American civil engineering project. The Mexican national injures his back when working in a client's Brazilian office. The Mexican Social Security system does not cover work-related injuries sustained outside the nation's borders. The International P/C insurance policy covers work injury benefits to the employee if the injury is sustained on the job.

The president of a large U.S. architectural firm suffers a broken hip on a trip to China that requires a delicate operation. Evacuation to a Hong Kong hospital is medically necessary for him to receive proper treatment. International P/C insurance pays for the repatriation costs.

Non-occupational Illness
An employee of a U.S. based engineering firm travels to Australia to conduct an audit in the Sydney branch office. The worker suffers a heart murmur in the hotel room and is treated at a local hospital. He pays the bill with a personal credit card. Back in the US, his HMO refuses reimbursement for the expense since his policy does not provide extra-territorial medical reimbursement. International P/C insurance covers expenses as well as out-of-network charges if the employee's medical insurance does not and guarantees payment to a hospital.

Commercial Property
A U.S. based service company maintains a sales office in France. During a severe thunderstorm, the building's windows are blown out and the office equipment is damaged by torrential rains. The International P/C policy pays for property damage at a covered location.

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