Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion Highlights

Limits: Up to $65 million
Minimum premium: $1,000 
Deductible: No retention or deductible
Availability: In all 50 states and the District of Columbia (non-admitted in SD and WA).
Target Risks: Organizations of any type and size including private companies, public companies, academic institutions, hospitals, non-profits, engineering firms, NGOs, houses of worship, tech firms, and high net worth individuals and families.

Program Features

  • Unlimited fees for services provided by Control Risks for insured events
  • Worldwide coverage with separate limits for ransom, transit, additional expenses, legal liability and personal accident
  • Annual, trip or multi-year policies available
  • 10% of annual premium available towards loss preventative security services offered by Control Risks - pre-approval by underwriter required.
  • Additional expenses covered such as: medical expenses, psychiatric care, temporary workers, rest and rehabilitation and public relations consulting
  • Enhancement options available to a wide range of risks including academic and healthcare
  • Exclusive endorsement available with increased coverages

Who Is Covered?

  • All directors, officers and employees of insured
  • Family members (including spouse, domestic partners, extended family) 
  • People who reside in the insured person's household
  • Guests in the home of insured person
  • Guests and/or customers of assured on insured's premises or in insured's transport
  • The person negotiating and delivering ransom

What Events Are Covered?

  • Kidnap: An actual or alleged kidnapping of an insured person for ransom
  • Extortion: Threat to assured and/or insured person(s) for demand of ransom, including threats against the insured person, property, trade secrets, and computer data
  • Products Extortion: Threat to assured's products for demand of ransom
  • Detention: Holding under duress of an insured
  • Hijack: Any aircraft, motor vehicle, railroad train, or waterborne vessel on which the insured person is traveling

What Losses Are Covered?

  • Ransom (up to full policy limits) - Includes cash and/or marketable goods surrendered by or on behalf of the insured in connection with an insured event
  • Transit (up to full policy limits) - Includes damage, destruction, disappearance, confiscation or wrongful abstraction of ransom while being delivered
  • Legal Liability (up to full policy limits) - Includes those costs incurred as a result of any action for damages brought by or on behalf of an insured person as a result of an insured event. Defense costs are in addition to the limit of liability
  • Personal Accident ($250,000 per insured/$1,250,000 aggregate) - death, loss of limb, loss of sight, loss of extremity, or permanent total disablement of insured person as result of insured event
  • Additional Expenses (up to full policy limits

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Underwriting Contact

Sarah Katz
(301) 961-9898 

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