Weather Insurance

Weather insurance pays solely based on weather conditions as negotiated in the coverage and not by measuring the impact on the policyholder’s operations.  No proven amount of loss is necessary.

Adverse weather conditions could significantly degrade the success – and therefore the financial result – of a planned event.  Reduced ticket sales and lower concession income as well as fixed expenses such as appearance fees, equipment rentals and other non-cancellable costs can result due to poor weather conditions.

The amount of money to insure and the weather condition triggers for the policy to pay.  A method for determining whether the triggers occurred must also be set.  Most importantly, a time frame for the weather conditions must be established.

The coverage can be structured to address many weather conditions such as certain measurements of rain, extreme temperature conditions and/or wind speeds during specified hours of an event causing cancellation of the event.  All that is needed for a claim to be paid is that the specific weather peril occurred as per the specified claims verification method.  The policy then pays the agreed-upon limit of insurance.

Underwriting Contacts

Ann Ruot
(713) 787-2437

Mike McClanahan
(713) 787-2431

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