Public Entity and School Pools

We have worked with public entity and school pools for over 30 years. We can provide you with a wide range of services, from a one-time consulting project to comprehensive underwriting and policy administration services for workers' compensation, liability and property pools.

Underwriting Consulting

We provide underwriting consulting services for public entity and school pools and similar risk sharing programs both as part of the other services we can provide and on a stand-alone basis. We work directly with pools and with pool administrators who need special expertise to supplement their own services. Consulting services can include (but are not limited to):

  • Coverage document language review and design - We can help you design new coverage documents and new endorsements, review current documents for improvements and do coverage comparisons with competitor documents.
  • Development and review of rating methodologies - We work with your actuaries to achieve targeted premium levels by designing rate structures to help allocate premiums among pool members equitably based on coverages, exposures, program loss patterns and member loss histories. We also review current rating structures to identify allocation equity type issues.
  • Experience rating modules - We develop and review experience rating modules that are tailored for your pool or program, to achieve the internal results that are important to you for your members. We can also calculate experience modifiers for members using your internal modifier rules or industry rules (such as NCCI) and your exposure and loss data.
  • Underwriting policy and procedures manuals - We work with you to document your underwriting policies and procedures and compile them into tools that your staff can use.
  • Underwriting audits - We can review the files maintained by your underwriters to determine that they are working within established guidelines in their underwriting and rating decisions.



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