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Step 1: Fill out an application

To get a quote for Real Estate E&O insurance, complete the application below that fits your firm size. 

For real estate firms with $150,000 or less in commission income.
PDF or Word Template

For residential firms under $20 million in revenues and all other firms under $2.5 million in revenues.
PDF or Word Template

For commercial sales and leasing firms (>$2.5 million in revenues), title firms (>$100,000 in revenues), residential sales ($20 million and over) and all other firms with revenues of $2.5 million and over.
PDF or Word Template

Step 2: Include your NRDS ID

Include your NRDS ID on your application so that your quote can reflect your credit through the REALTOR Benefits® Program for being an NAR member. If you don’t know your NRDS ID, you can look it up here.

Step 3: Submit the application to your insurance agent/broker

Send your completed application to your insurance agent/broker. If you do not have an agent or broker, try the insurance broker locator or contact Victor directly at (888) 429-6638 or and we can help you find an insurance agent or broker near you.

Step 4: Your insurance agent/broker will contact you with a quote

    For assistance contact the Real Estate E&O department

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