Shield Your Franchise Brand

Protect your franchise real estate office and brand reputation with E&O insurance from Victor, the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® recommended provider of errors and omissions insurance through the REALTOR Benefits® Program. You qualify for special rates as an NAR member.

Franchise real estate brokerages have the same E&O risks as independent firms, but they do have one unique risk – their franchise brand and reputation. This reality makes protecting your well-known brand all the more important.

In between listings, offers, counter offers, open houses, inspections, appraisals and closings, a lot can happen. Add to that, the number of agents working for your franchise real estate office and you have a constant buzz of activity. You help people realize the dream of home ownership every day under the banner of the strong franchise brand you chose to partner with.

You and your agents understand the importance of personal brand building and your decision to partner with a franchise brokerage is the cornerstone of that effort. Your strong franchise brand reputation is what draws new agents to join your office, because it provides instant name recognition for their clients.

Most importantly, your brand is a promise to your customers and when something goes awry in a real estate transaction, your well-established brand can come under attack in the public.

Franchise Risks

REPUTATION. You can hire a public relations firm to help walk you through a public incident. Your Victor
E&O insurance policy will cover up to $15,000 per claim on this type of service.

. Your well-known brand name means a dissatisfied client may perceive you
as having deep pockets and may try to sue your office and the franchise itself. Your Victor E&O insurance
policy covers the franchisee and the franchise without any additional cost or paperwork.

DIVERSE SERVICES. Your franchise office may do more than residential sales. Maybe you also do commercial
sales, leasing, and property management. The good news is, nearly any service you provide as a real estate
professional is automatically covered in your Victor E&O insurance policy.

CYBER ATTACKS. There are few things as damaging to a franchise brand as a cyberattack and subsequent media
attention. Think about all the personal and financial information your agents have on file for their clients. Think about your agents’ use of laptops, mobile devices, and email. They are all an attractive target for hackers. Victor offers a Cyber Protection Package that can react to a cyber attack of nearly any size and scope.

. With many agents under the franchise banner, your Victor E&O insurance policy can protect your franchise office in the form of employment practices coverage that defends against claims including wrongful termination, wrongful discipline, employment-related libel or slander and employment related misrepresentation (200 or less employees).

. Mergers or acquisitions can present unknown risks that lead to E&O claims. Victor can help you identify and manage these risks before a merger or acquisition and it’s easy to add newly acquired entities to your existing Victor E&O insurance policy. 

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