Frequently Asked Questions

Victor's risk management team is always ready to help our insureds and brokers, but sometimes a simple question has a simple answer. 

Submit a contract review

No problem. If you feel uncertain about insurability questions during your contract negotiations, please feel free to send us a note (and the contract) and we’ll respond back within 1 (one) business day.

Advice on a general risk management question

We’re happy to help, that’s what we’re here for! If you have a practice management question, please feel free to send us your questions.

Want to apply for insurance?

Fantastic, we’d love to have you in our program! To apply, go to Find an Application.

Find an insurance agent or broker

We can help. To find a broker, click here and select your industry.

Report a claim 

We’re sorry to hear the news; this is never fun, but we’re here for you. To file a claim, click here.

Pre-claim assistance

Smart move; contacting us early is the best thing you can do for your firm! To file a claim, click here. Be sure to note on the submission that this is an “incident” or “pre-claim.”

Change policy limits

That’s easy. Please contact your insurance broker who will work with your underwriter to put the limits in place.  

Certificates of insurance

Another easy request—please contact your insurance broker. They are responsible for issuing certificates of insurance on your behalf.           


Insurance brokers are great—they can help you in many ways. Please contact your insurance broker who will work with our underwriters to select the correct endorsement for you.

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