Harvest Report

A risk management resource providing information and risk mitigation tips for the logging industry. 

Only Drivers Can Reverse the Upward Trend in the Loss Occurrences
Drivers have an enormous responsibility to ensure they move wood from the point of production to the mills not only efficiently, but also safely.

Trucking With a Focus
Safety on the road is the most important activity for logging companies, and it’s also the most significant exposure encountered in day-to-day operations.

Good Practices Critical to Fire Prevention
The dry season is upon us, which means the threat of fire is greater. 

Success and Profitability Through Training
Training is the most overlooked aspect of many businesses.
A Good Safety Plan Can Mitigate Logging Risk
What your employees need to know, wear, and do.

Risk Management Via Good Contracts and Insurance Risk Transfer
Whether you are the land owner, logger, hauler, or subcontractor, your job will likely be defined by contract.

Drive Smart, Stay Safe
How to prevent problems and keep your business on track.

Don't Let Hazards Delimb Your Cutting Operations
Knowing the risks and taking steps to mitigate them can save you time and money.

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